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Beauregard Parish Schools
Superintendent Timothy Cooley

July 9, 2020 

RE: Virtual education options through Beauregard Parish Schools 

Many parents are considering alternative educational options for their children due to COVID-19, and the Beauregard Parish school system stands ready to help parents and educate students. Our school system has invested countless hours of training for our professional educators to be proficient in Google Classroom, and we have conducted a successful Beauregard Virtual Program for a decade. Additionally, we have built up our technological capacity by expanding internet capabilities throughout the parish to support virtual learning, and we have purchased devices needed to allow students to learn from home. 

Parents who are considering virtual education may contact their school administration about the options available for students Kindergarten – 12th grade through Beauregard Parish schools. 

Our school system is capable and ready to provide the devices, the rigorous state- approved curriculum, local educators, and parental support to engage students in effective virtual learning while allowing students access to their school’s extra-curricular programs and activities. Your child will continue to be a vital part of his or her school community while learning from home and will be able to easily transition to the school environment when parents are ready to make that choice. 

Please consider the virtual education opportunities through your local Beauregard Parish school and contact your school today for more information.